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Did you know … 

  • That UCI will need to cut $54 million from its operating budget for the 2011-2012 school year?  That’s the equivalent of one year of financial aid for 3,865 undergrads. 
  • That the UC Regents are considering a 16% increase in fees each year until 2016, raising undergraduate tuition to $22,068 by 2015? 
  • That these costs come in part from a 76% increase in administrators, “professionals,” and managersover the last ten years, with only a 24% increase in spending for what affects students most — faculty and instructors?  
  • That Student Loan debt now tops $1 trillion?

The Budget Crisis affects not just individuals, but entire UCI communities - and the student groups that support them. Join the UC Tumblr to lend your group’s voice; share how you have been affected by the budget cuts degrading the quality of your public education. Take a picture of you or your group with a sign describing the challenges you face and send it to us at:  

Nov9MediaUCI@googlegroups.com. Please keep attachments to 4 MB or under.

Of you can click here to submit directly on tumblr!

Click here to go to the Facebook event for the November 9th Rally (Noon at the flagpoles at UCI)

Please reblog as text, not as a link so that the whole post shows!  Spread this far and wide, especially if you know students in the UC system!

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